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A Heartfelt Thank You to Santa Fe &
All Our Amazing Customers from Santa Fe Concrete


For forty years, Santa Fe Concrete has been honored to serve the vibrant and unique community of Santa Fe. To every customer who has entrusted us with their projects, large or small, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your unwavering support has been the bedrock of our success, allowing us to grow alongside the city we cherish.

As we embark on a new chapter, we want to express our sincere appreciation for the countless memories we have built together. We've been present for the construction of homes, businesses, and community spaces that have shaped the Santa Fe we know and love. It has been a privilege to play a role in laying the foundation for countless dreams and aspirations.

While we are transitioning to a new phase, the legacy of Santa Fe Concrete will continue. Duke City Ready Mix, a trusted and family-owned company, shares our values and commitment to exceptional service. We are confident that they will continue to provide the same level of quality and support that you have come to expect from Santa Fe Concrete.
As we turn the page on this chapter, we do so with immense gratitude for the incredible journey we have shared with you. Thank you, Santa Fe, for allowing us to be a part of your story. We look forward to seeing the future unfold and the new roads that will be paved in our beautiful city.

From the entire Santa Fe Concrete team.

Ready Mix Concrete Company Santa Fe NM


Santa Fe Concrete knows to be a leader in the Santa Fe ready mix concrete industry, a concrete producer must have the capacity to stay on top of a market that rightfully demands a premium quality concrete product at an economical cost. In our 27 years in the concrete supplier business providing ready mix concrete to Santa Fe and New Mexico, Santa Fe Concrete, has observed a huge number of changes in the economic situation of the city. These changes include growth in the size of the city, the number of houses and the number of businesses. Keeping pace with those adjustments has ultimately offered us with important valuable experience in the market providing the ready mix concrete needed to fuel all the growth and in that process, we have developed long lasting relationships with our customer base.

  CDL Driver Available Santa Fe Concrete 505-471-1900 BBB

At every level within our organization you will find devoted, knowledgeable workers prepared to offer recommendations as well as realistic cost-efficient solutions. From the biggest general building contractors in Santa Fe and the state of New Mexico with high demand for 1000’s of yards of ready mix concrete to home owners needing ready mix concrete for a small addition to their home, we know full well how important it is to provide our product on time and for it to be the best quality.

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Santa Fe Concrete carries a full selection of concrete products including ready mix concrete, shopcrete, and pumice crete.

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Santa Fe Concrete offers store accounts. Please complete the application on the Establish Account page and fax or email it to us.

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Santa Fe Concrete is affiliated directly with two long time Santa Fe, NM, companies, Santa Fe Waste Services and Southwest Landscaping Materials.

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Santa Fe Concrete has provided concrete for 100's of projects since it opened for business in 1991. Please take a look of some our recent projects here.


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