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How to do it yourself: Easy 7 Step Concrete Patio

Build a prolific outdoor space with a solid, luxurious concrete patio. Often, most patios have a fixed base that is created with flagstone, concrete, bricks or tile. In order to prevent cracking in the base as due to seasonal changes, concrete can provide an excellent foundation to withstand wear and tear.How to do it yourself Easy 7 Step Concrete Patio by Santa Fe Concrete 505-471-1900 a

Here is a list of tools you need for your next home project, you’ll just need to adjust the quantity of materials depending on the size for your project.

  • Wood slats,mason’s line, and stakes
  • Spray paint
  • Shovel
  • Crush stone or gravel
  • Ready mix cement
  • Rebar and binding wires
  • Hammer
  • Pegs
  • Spirit level
  • Wooden float

For this project, we’ll be creating a 10 yard by 10 yard concrete patio slab for illustration purposes. Here are the seven steps to follow to make a concrete patio on your property. 

Step #1

Select the area that you want to install your new concrete patio and clear the area of any weeds, rocks or other How to do it yourself Easy 7 Step Concrete Patio by Santa Fe Concrete 505-471-1900 amaterials that may affect how the concrete is poured

Step #2

Build yourself a wooden frame and place it on the area that you want to put your new patio. Afterwards, take your spray paint can and make the outside of the wood frame. This will be the area you will be using your shovel to dig a few inches into the ground where you want your patio. Pick up that shovel and start digging.

After you finish digging a few inches deep in the area you want your patio, you’ll need to create a flat surface within it to assure a smooth concrete pour.

Step #3 Level your box frame and secure it with stakes

For the third step, you’ll place the wooden back in the area that you have dug up. At this, time you will have to make sure that the frame is square in the area and then you’ll want to place stakes around the outside of the frame to hold into place.
Step #4 Make up your reinforcement lattice

In this fourth step you’ll want to make a lattice to place in your wood frame. For concrete a lattice is made up of rebar and binding wires. The reason you want a lattice inside the frame for it to act as reinforcement within the concrete slab to keep it from cracking.

Step #5

It’s gravel time! Go ahead and take the lattice out of the frame before pouring a level of gravel into the frame. Level out the gravel as much as possible to create a flat layer.

Step #6

Firstly, you are going to need to mix your ready mix concrete into. We suggest using a 5 gallon bucket or a wheelbarrow which will make the pouring process a lot easier. Additionally, you will also need to water to mix with concrete mix. Be careful though and use just enough water to make the concrete mix in a muddy substance. Using too much water can ruin the mix. When you are able to achieve this muddy state for the concrete mix go ahead and pour it into the frame about halfway and then even it out as much as possible with your shovel. Next, don’t forget to place your lattice in the center of the frame to reinforce the concrete and sink it to the concrete slightly. After the lattice is in place, go ahead and pour the rest of the concrete mix into the frame.

Step #7

After you have finished pouring the rest of the concrete mix into the frame, you’ll need to take a straight edge to flatten the surface of the concrete slab which will fill in any cavities and voids that may have occurred during the pouring process. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to use a hammer to tap around the outside edges of the frame to let out any air bubbles that may have been trapped during the pouring process. After the concrete slab is laid, you’ll need to wait 48 hours before removing the frame. Moreover, you’ll need to allow the concrete to cure for two weeks before you can add another lay to the slab.

And there you have it, seven easy steps to creating your dream patio!How to do it yourself Easy 7 Step Concrete Patio by Santa Fe Concrete 505-471-1900 a

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